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Broadcasting Roadmap

Schedule, Invite and Monetize your Broadcast sessions.

Schedule a free or paid broadcast, Invite attendees to view your event and Monetize by presenting your concepts to the audience.

Upload broadcast process

Schedule a free or paid broadcast and reach your target audience.

Follow these steps and create Broadcast sessions:

  • Go to the Broadcast tab
  • Click on create broadcast
  • Enter title and description
  • Select date and time
  • Select Recorded video
  • Add Session charges per hour
  • Tap on “Create broadcast”
  • Go to My Broadcast and click Upload Video
  • Click on “Upload Now”
  • Authenticate with QR code or OTP
  • Click on Publish Broadcast button after authentication
Credit and payment process
  • To view virtual broadcast, add credits point to your E-wallet.
  • Once you have added the credits, tap on the broadcast you want to view or book.
Earn money
  • Earn by sharing or presenting your concepts to the audience.
  • Set Up a pay per view of a subscription package for your broadcast.




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