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Broadcasting Roadmap

Schedule, Invite and Monetize your Broadcast sessions.

Schedule a free or paid broadcast, Invite attendees to view your event and Monetize by presenting your concepts to the audience.

Upload broadcast process

Schedule a free or paid broadcast and reach your target audience.

Follow these steps and create Broadcast sessions:

  • Go to the Broadcast tab
  • Click on create broadcast
  • Enter title and description
  • Select date and time
  • Select Recorded video
  • Add Session charges per hour
  • Tap on “Create broadcast”
  • Go to My Broadcast and click Upload Video
  • Click on “Upload Now”
  • Authenticate with QR code or OTP
  • Click on Publish Broadcast button after authentication
Credit and payment process
  • To view virtual broadcast, add credits point to your E-wallet.
  • Once you have added the credits, tap on the broadcast you want to view or book.
Earn money
  • Earn by sharing or presenting your concepts to the audience.
  • Set Up a pay per view of a subscription package for your broadcast.



Keep information at your fingertips with Bridge Connect's chat feature. Our app saves time by quickly finding messages, content, and links related to your conversations and projects. We make it easier to guide users through issues when their previous interactions can be referred back to for context. Communicate in public or private chats organized by projects, teams, or topics. Share files, emoji, screenshots, and more.

Bridge Connect - chat

Audio/Video Call

Bridge Connect's audio and video call enables a productive and secure virtual environment for your organization. The video calling feature can seamlessly connect with a person anywhere. Stay connected with your professional and social network through audio and video calls. It is time to express yourself.

Bridge Connect - Audio/Video Call

File and Screen Sharing

Share data with your network through "File Sharing" or share your screen for live demonstrations through "Screen Sharing". Bridge Connect allows you to share your screen so that everyone can view your file, spreadsheet, document, or application. Sharing is a good choice when it comes to your online presentation.

Bridge Connect - File and Screen Sharing

Live Streaming

Bridge Connect lets you stream live events, conferences, seminars, sessions, meetings, etc. through an end to end live streaming solution that delivers your content to the target audience. Keep your audience engaged with our applications live streaming feature, as the video quality of the application gives seamless experience, unique multimedia that leads to better engagement. The HD quality video delivers a crystal clear picture of you and your meeting participants in your online meeting.

Bridge Connect - File and Screen Sharing


Our cross-device compatibility helps applications to work on multiple operating systems and devices or platforms. The platforms include Mac OS, windows, android, or iOS. The cross-platform feature lets you work and communicate clearly without any technical interruptions.

Bridge Connect - Cross-Platform

Live White boarding

Simplify the conference calls by sketching your ideas on Bridge Connect’s live whiteboard. Deliver impactful training and keep your audience engaged with detailed explanations of your ideas.

Bridge Connect - Live White boarding

Chat meets webinar

Interact with your webinar attendees, the host, and panelists to communicate for the duration of the webinar. Our webinar interaction tool enables attendees to chat with the host and clarify their doubts. Pay per view broadcast: Earn from your broadcasts. You can upload the video on Bridge Connect and get paid for views.

Bridge Connect - Live White boarding

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Bridge Connect official application can now be downloaded for windows Features Onside

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